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grow organic visitors

SEO isn't just about ranking keywords - it's doing so for keywords that actually convert. Most SEO agencies fail to understand that different keywords have different purchase intent.

convert more leads

Our conversion rate optimisation strategies include designing powerful landing pages and optimising your sales funnel to capture leads more effectively - turning visitors into customers.

retarget site visitors

Retargeted ads remind website visitors and interested readers about your brand. When customers see your business for a second or third time online, they are 26% more likely to convert.

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What Can An SEO Agency Do For Your Business?

What makes us different?

At Digital Squad, we go beyond just SEO rankings. Apart from driving organic visitors to your site, our custom built strategies are built to convert traffic into genuine leads. We also understand that not every visitor will turn into an immediate transaction, which is why we employ powerful remarketing and lead nurturing strategies to turn todays browsers into future buyers.

Our Expertise

SEO Optimization
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your sites visibility on Google for relevant keywords used by your target audience. Understanding purchase intent behind keywords is critical for running a successful campaign. Organic traffic and leads from SEO are highly sought after by companies for their higher conversion rates, quicker transaction period and higher average sale value. However, unlike most SEO agencies - we go beyond just rankings and keywords. Our in-depth understanding of conversion rates enables us to generate more leads out of visitors - which is ultimately what matters most to business owners .
Google Adwords
Use Google Adwords to acquire high conversion, instant traffic and leads. Our specialists utilise in-depth keyword research methodologies and ad campaign strategies to get you in front of ready-to-buy customers before your competitors do.
Remarketing Campaigns
Not every person who visits your website will make a purchase. We use the best remarketing tools to track every site visitor and serve remarketing ads on their favourite sites to remind them about your brand. Return on investment (ROI) on remarketing campaigns can be over 500% given its served to highly relevant customers who are familiar with your brand and have a high purchase intent.
Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
Over 78% of businesses either don't know what their website conversion rate is or are unhappy with it. We use proven CRO methodologies to maximise lead capture from prospective buyers. Simple CRO techniques can lead to a 200-400% increase in leads from the same amount of visitors.

Why your business needs SEO

If your business doesn’t rank on the first page of search results, you risk being ignored by prospective customers.

Our digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) services help clients achieve first page rankings faster. What’s more important – we make sure you stay there by using white hat SEO techniques which are compliant with ever-changing Google Algorithms.

Whether or not you’ve realised it, the game has changed when it comes to marketing. Businesses which adopt and embrace digital marketing will WIN – evolve or die, its as simple as that!

Our SEO Methodology

1. Initial Audit

We start with an in-depth review of your website; any previous SEO work that may have been completed, site architecture, content audit, competitor analysis and current rankings.

2. Keyword Research

Using Google's search history database, we can uncover search terms used by your clients and actual search volumes.

3. Competitor Discovery

We reverse engineer your competitors content and backlink strategy, current rankings and uncover any white space phrases for easy wins.

4. Content Alignment

Once we've identified a keywords list, we audit existing website content to discover weaknesses and gaps. New content is added to thin pages and new pages are created.

5. On-Page Optimisation

Technical improvements to existing website to improve load speed, reduce page size and optimisation to meta data, page structure, site architecture, images and fixing broken links.

6. Link Building Campaign

We audit your existing backlink profile, disavow any toxic links and create a roadmap for monthly linkbuilding in order to strengthen your domain authority.

7. Content Strategy

Content is oxygen for SEO. Our team plans out a monthly content calendar to improve engagement rates with high quality regular content throughout the campaign.

8.Tracking and Reporting

Monthly keyword progression, organic Market Visibility Score to benchmark competitor performance and visitor analytics to show site performance.

Let's start with a FREE SEO Audit.

Get an honest assessment of your site from an expert.

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dedicated specialists

With over 10,000 hours of annual research and testing into the Google Algorithm, we don't dabble in SEO - we live it, breathe it, dream it and are pretty damn good at it!

no outsourcing

All our specialists are based at our branch in Melbourne - we strictly don't outsource any work.

unbeatable support

Every member of our team is accessible. You speak directly to your project managers - no account manager nonsense!

proven results

With over 100 successful SEO projects, we've got all the data and case studies you need to be assured you're dealing with the right company. No guesswork!

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Frequently asked SEO questions

What Is SEO?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of designing and implementing strategies to improve your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. An estimated 92% of all users click through on the 10 organic or SEO results on first page of Google. In comparison, second page results only capture 5% of all traffic. The vast advantage of first page supremacy and exposure to free, unlimited clicks is the reason why businesses are investing heavily in SEO campaigns.
What Is the Difference Between SEO and PPC?
SEO channel provides free, unlimited organic visitors and leads around the clock. It isn't inhibited by budget and site owners / businesses don't have to pay Google every time visitors click through to their site via search result . PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a paid traffic source for businesses and site owners. Google's PPC platform, or Google Adwords, allow businesses to target searchers based on keywords or key phrases with targeting options such as location, time of day, device usage and ad type (text, display, video). Ads stop getting served as soon as the daily budget is reached - therefore businesses with bigger budgets can dominate PPC channels over smaller competitors. Businesses favour SEO traffic and leads in the long run given the high purchase intent behind clicks and visitors. Over 50% of searchers via SEO will engage a local business within 24 hours of search and SEO customers are 47% along their buyer journey even before they initiate a search. There is a strong element of trust behind first page organic or SEO results also translates to 900% higher conversion rate than outbound. All of these SEO statistics combined make return on investment (ROI) on SEO campaigns difficult to beat.
What Is the Difference Between SEO and SEM?
Search engine marketing (SEM) is an umbrella term that includes SEO, PPC, and other marketing techniques that involve search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.
What SEO tactics or strategies are best for my website?
Firstly, its important to understand the difference between tactics and strategy. Strategy is often described as long-term whereas tactics are short-term. At Digital Squad, we incorporate SEO tactics for quick, short terms wins with strategies designed to meet the long term SEO objectives of our clients. It is important to ensure only best practice is implemented for SEO campaigns to ensure long-term success. We do not use a cookie cutter approach when it comes to client campaigns - every business in unique and therefore demands its own approach.
What Is “Black-Hat” SEO? What Is “White-Hat” SEO?
The difference between black hat and white hat SEO is a difference in ethical practices. Black hat SEO techniques are spammy and don’t actually help your rankings in the long run. White hat SEO techniques give your website a more credible reputation, but can take a long time to produce results. At Digital Squad, we practice white hat SEO techniques. White hat techniques boost keyword rankings in the long run and promote sustainable growth. Black hat techniques give an agency and their clients a bad reputation and block your ability to grow and increase their rankings once Google picks up on their spammy habits.
How many keywords do you target in your SEO campaigns?
There is no "right" number of keywords to target. Whilst it is largely driven by your budget, targeting the "right" keywords is more important. Before starting your SEO campaign, we carry out extensive research into keywords being used by your potential customers and competitor and identify ones which have highest purchase intent. You achieve a higher return on investment (ROI) on your SEO campaign by ranking for these keywords. Most SEO agencies don't understand this concept of purchase intention behind search terms, which is why SEO campaigns fail.
Why is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) important for SEO?
Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) focuses on a more specific goal: boosting conversion rates. These conversions could be converting to a lead or to a customer. Small improvements in conversion rates can lead to massive increase in leads and bottom line revenue. For instance, an increase in conversion rate from 1% to 2% is equivalent to doubling the traffic to you site (or top end of the funnel).
Can sales from SEO campaigns be tracked?
Yes! Before we launch into your SEO campaign, we implement conversion and goal tracking via Google Analytics on your site. We also create funnels to record visitors coming into your site, understand their behaviour and attribute conversions to keywords and landing pages. Our data driven approach to SEO is unlike most other SEO companies who typically only care about keyword rankings.
How do you track and report progress on your SEO campaigns?
We use the best-in-class SEO tracking and reporting platforms that track changes to your rankings every 24 hours. We also integrate your website to Google Search Console to track backlink activity to your site to ensure your domain is always protected from malicious spam links. Monitoring and optimising site wide health is standard to all our SEO campaigns, with scanning carried out every 24 hours and reports provided every 30 days. All our SEO monthly reports are done at the first week of each month and contain full visual on the key performance metrics that matter - from SEO rankings, to organic visitors, their behaviour, goal completions and conversion data.
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