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audience selection

For years, paid search platforms have been working on improving their audience targeting and segmenting abilities. This resulted in a significant shift in targeting from keywords to an “audience first” mentality last year. Now, the two biggest search engine players, Google and Bing, are pushing advertisers to use audience targeting options to benefit their campaigns. While[…]

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new customer journey insights

The concept of the Customer Journey was defined in the late 1990s, changing the entire approach to marketing.  The Customer Journey provided an ‘outside-in’ approach to marketing, where businesses focused on improving the customer’s experience with them by resolving any issue that arose and building an ongoing positive relationship with them. The Customer Journey approach[…]

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The increasing use and capabilities of the Internet have given digital marketers access to hundreds of delivery and marketing channels. It is undeniable that the opportunities have massively increased for marketers to target their audience online. However in order to this effectively, they have to master an ever-evolving number of strategies, channels and tactics. To[…]

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Content Marketing

With an ever-increasing number of marketing channels out there, it can be difficult to know which to choose. Your audience is likely to be spread out across multiple channels and platforms; using Facebook to catch up with friends before searching Google to research hotels for an upcoming holiday, then browsing Instagram for a while before[…]

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Personalisation Key

Today’s consumers expect and value personalised marketing. As such, brands using data-driven campaigns to tailor content to their target audience are getting results. According to Marketingprofs, businesses that adopt personalised marketing see an average 19% increase in sales.  In addition, an Epsilon report found that 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a[…]

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