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Powerful cyber security marketing solutions designed to accelerate growth

The cyber security market has become extremely competitive as the number of cyber security vendors continues to grow at pace. Digital Squad devises ROI-focused multi-channel marketing strategies that motivate CEOs, CISOs and Chief Risk Officers to act, to scale your cyber security business and meet your growth objectives.

Creative & educational cyber security content

We help cyber security companies educate prospects with security-focused content that is both informative and rich in brand storytelling. Our content addresses all stages of the buyer funnel to fill your sales pipeline.

Hyper-focused demand generation

Our integrated marketing campaigns are designed to increase awareness of and demand for your product or service. Through our strategic approach, we boost your bottom line by delivering more sales qualified leads for internal teams to close.

ROI-focused strategy

Our goal is to help cyber security companies achieve marketing transformation and ROI across key growth areas. We help our clients through increased profitability, extended brand reach and valuable data-driven insights that inform strategic business decisions.


We address the complex characteristics of cyber security firms

Cyber security professionals are extremely tech-savvy. To effectively drive action in this audience, cyber security marketing communications must be educational and informative while differentiating your brand from competitors through articulating value. We can develop a cyber security marketing campaign that addresses the different pain points and motivations of multiple buyer personas including CISOs, security team leaders and analysts, CFOs, and end users.
SaaS Marketing
SaaS Marketing

Put your cybersecurity marketing in safe hands

We have implemented scalable, growth-focused marketing solutions for several cyber security companies, including MSSPs, Managed Detection/Response Services, Incident Response and Notification Services, and Monitoring and Alert Systems. We apply our comprehensive experience in the sector to craft tailored marketing strategies for our clients designed to boost your bottom line. At all times we work with transparency and provide detailed reports on key performance metrics to ensure campaigns are meeting their KPIs.

ROI-focused cyber security marketing strategies

Digital Squad develops ROI-focused strategies through analysing profit and revenue growth to determine the most impactful marketing initiatives for your business. Through this approach, we identify key performance metrics, which we use to measure the degree to which each campaign, channel and creative contribute to your bottom line. We use this data-driven approach to continuously adapt campaign elements and allocate marketing spend to ongoing and future campaigns and initiatives.
SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing
SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Demonstrating value to a sceptical, yet exposed market

One of the key challenges for cyber security companies is persuading vulnerable businesses of the value of investing in security. These businesses are often not motivated to act until it’s too late. Digital Squad helps cyber security companies educate their audiences with interesting and informative communications that articulate the core value proposition of your business. We do this through working with clients to identify their ideal customers and mapping out their objectives, goals, objections, and motivations that influence their buying decision. This forms the basis of all marketing communications.
SaaS Marketing services
Let our experts customise your cyber security marketing stack
SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Google Ads

Find the right audience for your ads on the world’s largest advertising network, increasing your targeted business reach.

LinkedIn Marketing Services, SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Social Media Marketing

Build your own brand story and community. By combining content and analytics, engage with your audience to deliver content that sells.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

LinkedIn Marketing

A top platform for B2B lead generation. Use this business-oriented community to further your connections with industry professionals, and drive interest for your brand.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Content Marketing

Engage your customers with relevant content. Design a conversion-driven cyber security content strategy from website, blog posts, case studies and more.

LinkedIn Marketing Services, SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Account-based marketing

Identify and reach out to high-value customers with a personalised marketing approach, strategically driving your revenue.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Demand generation campaigns

With a blend of organic, paid and owned media, let this data-driven campaign approach build brand awareness and sell your business solutions.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

Leverage on best SEO practices to achieve improved rankings, traffic and conversions for your business.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Convert your site traffic into sales with best CRO tactics. With proper CRO, maximise your efficiency in conversion and see results in numbers.

SaaS Marketing, b2b marketing agency, b2b marketing

Lead nurturing and scoring

Build and develop strong relationships with your prospects to win them over. Keep your leads warm with this effective inbound marketing strategy for cyber security.

Leverage Digital Squad to accelerate growth for Cyber Security Companies in Australia

Powering growth acceleration for startups to global brands since 2016.

“Digital Squad have delivered a 10x growth in leads over an aggressive 4 months and demonstrated powerful ability to scale fast when needed".

Henrik Peterson
Former VP and Global Head of Marketing
LinkedIn Marketing Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

With an increasing number of providers constantly entering the cybersecurity market, it is more important than ever to capture the attention of your target clients in order to realise the growth-potential of your business. Ensuring your cybersecurity services stand out from your competitors is the key to increasing your market share.


Cybersecurity companies who are serious about growth can benefit from a digital marketing partner with demonstrable experience and proven results in the sector. Digital Squad is a leading cybersecurity marketing agency with the necessary, skills, expertise, and tactics to power-up your marketing, and propel your business to success in the cybersecurity market. Our proven digital marketing strategies are designed to attract the right audiences to your business and convert them into loyal customers.

Our knowledge and experience in the cybersecurity space sets us apart from our competitors.  We are recognised for our success in the cybersecurity sector, with results that speak for themselves. Through a combination of marketing know-how and a comprehensive understanding of the technology sector, we are in the best position to provide cybersecurity businesses with tailored growth-focused marketing solutions. We leverage the skills of our team to architect bespoke marketing strategies designed to connect your organisation’s services and solutions to the right audiences.

We do not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cybersecurity marketing, and understand that every business has unique characteristics and their own value proposition. We take time to understand the overall goals and objectives of the C-suite to create a fully customised marketing strategy designed for your business.

There is no definitive combination of channels that will work for every client. Digital Squad identifies the channels that will work for you based on a number of factors, such as the key business objectives and characteristics of the audience. Our specialist team has experience across the full suite of digital marketing channels including Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, content marketing and SEO. We take an ROI-focused approach in determining the right combination of these channels.

A comprehensive cybersecurity marketing strategy involves a range of offline channels as well as face to face meetings and networking. However, the way consumers engage with businesses has evolved and digital is becoming an ever more important element of a growth-driven cybersecurity marketing strategy. To succeed in today’s market, businesses must deliver the connected online experiences that customers have come to expect, and use the necessary technologies and platforms to engage the audience. This is where Digital Squad excels.

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