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Scale Your Profits With the Top SEO Agency in Australia

Our expert SEO services are designed with strategy-specific objectives to fit your needs - whether you're just starting out, already have an online presence, or need to dominate your industry. As the top SEO agency in Australia, we deliver real-world results and our case studies and awards prove it!

Enterprise SEO Strategy and Audit

One-off technical site audit of over 75 ranking factors with detailed recommendations on how to resolve them. Suitable for both new or existing websites and a great way to understand the state of your current SEO overview, benchmark against your competitors and evaluate further investment in ongoing SEO consultation or management.

SEO Consultancy

Ongoing SEO advisory on how to improve your organic performance each month and best suited to clients who have internal resources and bandwidth to execute recommendations. You will be working directly with our SEO Principal Consultant or Senior SEO Consultants who will work closely with your internal team members to develop your SEO blueprint and overlook implementation and reporting.

Ongoing SEO Management

Turnkey SEO campaign management which includes initial technical SEO Audit, ongoing consultancy and full deployment of optimisation tasks. This is best suited for clients who have limited internal resources and would rather trust our team to execute what's required to deliver the results you seek - whether it is top of funnel traffic, quality SEO leads or e-commerce revenue.


Top SEO Agency in Australia with SEO Consultants You Can Trust

Work with one of the most respected and awarded SEO agency in Australia, and 4-time award winners of the prestigious SEMRUSH Awards for best SEO campaign across APAC. Put your growth in the right hands like the rest of our clients and get ready to dominate the first page.

Performance-driven SEO Marketing

As an SEO strategy agency, we develop a pragmatic SEO blueprint to maximise real world results, not just traffic, within a defined timeframe. Get maximum return on effort and stop spinning your wheels on meaningless SEO tasks that don't really matter.
SEO reporting that makes sense

Expert SEO Services with Unparalleled Transparency

SEO can seem mystifying which is why our data specialists have developed the most transparent reporting practices so you know exactly what's going on under the hood. Our monthly reporting incorporates all available SEO data sources as well as competitor benchmarking to see exactly how your campaign is progressing, opportunities and planned activities each month. Have trouble understanding reports? That's not a problem for us! We break it down into easy to digest bits for all stakeholders and our dedicated SEO consultants are always ready to jump on Zoom to answer any questions.
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What clients are saying

What our clients say matters. We take all comments and feedback seriously. Afterall, we do put collaboration and transparency high above our core values. With that, we are grateful for all the clients who have shared their experience in working with us.

“Shane and his team helped us rank on top of first page in Singapore for financial advisors and planners within 3 months and grew our organic traffic by 60% in the first quarter alone . Delivered as promised!”
Mathew Wee - Marketing Director
IPP Financial Advisors
“Digital Squad are always incredibly attentive to our needs and very efficient when it comes to providing us with key metrics and analytical data that helps us to streamline and enhance our marketing strategy, giving us a huge advantage over the global market.”

Kelly Alexendar
Escape Haven
“I would highly recommend Digital Squad for their SEO expertise. They are second to none!”

charlotte joshi
Charlotte Joshi
Squirrel Mortgages

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Capture the best leads with the leading B2B SEO agency in Australia. Let our SEO consultants lead the way.

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